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Scott Panfil

Musician, Voice Over,

& A/V Handyman

Providing sound and video services for large events to personal keepsakes,

and everything in between


Welcome! Scroll down for more information or click the button for my Song List!


Upcoming Gigs

    My Services

    Solo Music

    Featuring rock, pop, country, and traditional music on guitar and piano.

    Voice Over

    I’ve done over a thousand Voice Over projects for ads, YouTube videos, Presentations, Webinars, and more. I’d love to be the voice of your next project.

    Event DJ

    I have decades of experience keeping people dancing at Weddings, Graduation parties, Backyard Barbecues, etc.

    Full Band

    Almost Seamus – Irish Music
    Kate & the Clarks – Traditional Country
    The Panfils – Bluegrass

    Home Video to Digital

    I can transfer almost all analog formats to digital video. The video can then be saved to DVD/BluRay, thumb drive, or cloud services.

    Custom Projects

    Do you need help with something of an audio or visual nature? Send me an email. If I can’t help, odds are I know someone who can.

    Yep, That’s Me…You’re Probably Wondering…

    I’m the voice of the “Yep, That’s Me” meme. Created by Brian Moore in 2016, the sound can be heard on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. See the video for a full explanation.

    Back in 2016, Brian wanted to make videos using the sound for the popular *Record Scrath* “Yep, that’s me…” meme when he found that the actual sound didn’t exist. It wasn’t actually from any one movie or TV show, although searches for it online will yield hundreds of comments claiming to know where they’ve heard it before. 

    He went to Fiverr to find a voice artist to record the sound so he could create videos on Twitter and hired me, @SPANFIL, to record the line. He put it with Baba O’Riley by The Who and created a Twitter bot to use the sound. 

    Fiver years and millions of uses later, Brian posted the story to his TikTok account and a user tracked me down on Fiverr to see if it was true. Forgetting I had ever recorded it, I searched for the order in my history. As it turns out, I had recorded it in November of 2016 and continue to see it across the internet daily.